The financial markets are a fun and fascinating place but they are not easy!
If you’re ever invested or traded, chances are that you’ve run into obstacles and challenges. Have you ever felt frustrated and sought to improve? Or have you ever wanted to take your game to the next level, striving to be a legend of the business like George Soros or Paul Tudor Jones?
If so, you probably noticed something…most of the advice and literature is lacking.
It will give you broad platitudes like “Be more disciplined” (really? I never would have guessed…) or “Cut your losers and let your winners ride” (Who doesn’t have that goal?). They may offer helpful insights like “Psychology is important to trading”.
However, none of this really digs into the “How”!
How does one stop losing or underperforming and turn into a winner? How does one consciously turn into one of the greats? How does stay more disciplined– are there many ways to do it? How does one “work on” psychology?
This blog explores many higher level concepts like the ones I just mentioned. I want “How of Trading” to be at the intersection the fields of trading and investing, self-development, psychology.
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