March 9, 2012

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Visualization and Trading, part 1

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Visualization and Trading

February 23, 2012

Paying Attention to the “How” Of Trading

January 26, 2012

Why Trading Well Has Little To Do With Money

Have you ever wondered: what is trading well really all about? At first glance, the answer is obvious: make money. Everyone involved in financial markets can agree on that much.  In terms of the results from trading, that is totally correct and we are all on the same page. My question is different: what is […]

A Trader’s Examination of Conscience

Occasionally, we traders need to reflect on how we are doing, giving ourselves an honest and thorough appraisal. This can be a tough experience but it is certainly necessary, as I can guarantee that you won’t get better without it. Below, we are going to go through one such exercise, borrowed from Roman Catholicism. Too […]

8 Ways To Improve Your Trading in 2012

Eight Things You Can Do In 2012 To Improve Your Trading Review your records and lessons from then Set goals for 2012 Read a book by a trader Read a book about trading Understand how process works (Re)Define your trading system Learn how to de-stress Learn how to get in the zone whenever you want […]