“Peak Performance Trading and Investing” is a clear road map for both traders and investors seeking success in any market and on any time frame. The book is a synthesis of Bruce’s ideas on the topic and is an invaluable read for anyone serious about tackling the financial markets and turning into an elite performer.

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Peak Performance Trading and Investing Video Course:


A deep dive into the most important topics for achieving peak performance in your trading and investing.

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What You’ll Learn In This Course

  • How to structure a winning methodology that works for you
  • The statistical underpinnings of any winning style or methodology
  • A straightforward way to make simple, disciplined decisions every time
  • The psychological tools that peak performers use to manage emotions
  • The visualization tools that athletes use to implant success in their minds
  • How to create a journal and use it to enhance your trading and investing
  • How to trick your mind to avoid fear and greed, staying focused on making the right decisions
  • How to achieve consistency in your trading
  • The mindset and thought processes of top performers—and how you can adopt the same mindset
  • How top performers are constantly reviewing and tweaking their work, and how you can benefit from the process in your trading and investing

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Key Benefits

You will gain a new understanding of risk that will help you to design a workable trading system, no matter what your objectives are


You will learn how to prepare yourself so that you know what you have to do and execute it flawlessly, every time


You will be introduced to the advanced psychological tools, used by peak performers from all walks of life, to help you feel calm, confident and in the zone

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