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November 11, 2012

Four Markets Quotes That Contain Eternal Wisdom

Anyone who has been around the markets for a few years has heard them. Call them what you want: quotes, aphorisms, sayings, truisms. “Time in the market, not timing the market” “Sell in May and go away” “No one went broke taking a profit”. They are literally a dime-a-dozen, with everyone offering up some market […]

How to Get To The Next Level in Your Trading and Career

“I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody”– Marlon Brando’s  character, On The Waterfront Have you ever had the sensation that you are bumping up against a ceiling in your career in the markets? That you’re not close to living up to your potential? That you’re stagnating in your development—and […]

July 29, 2012

How to Become One With Your Trading System

We’ve all heard the sad excuses after a bad run. The lame rationalizations. “I know it was through my stop, but I thought that it would come back”. “Yes, I saw the signal, but I just didn’t believe it” “I don’t know, I just froze” When someone is struggling, one way to lessen the pain […]

July 23, 2012

How To Tell If A Trading Book Is Useful

A thought piece on trading books, and how to tell if one is useful http://www.smbtraining.com/blog/how-to-tell-if-a-trading-book-is-useful

July 7, 2012

What Is The Best Preparation To Be A Trader?

Thoughts on the best preparation to be a trader http://www.smbtraining.com/blog/what-is-the-best-preparation-to-be-a-trader